Will the KillerPay system allow other coins/tokens?

Yes, we will allow other major coins to be used for payments (as per local regulations), however, partner tokens will provide major benefits to both the merchant and the customer, when used as the transaction medium.

What are all those partner logos about?

Our Partners are global retail merchants that have agreed to test our payment technology in Beta before we go to market.

Where can I use my KillerPay to buy things?

As of today you can not use it to make any purchases, however we will start testing the system with our worldwide partners per the roadmap. When testing is complete, and we obtain the appropriate licenses, you will be able to start using all our listed coins to make purchases.

When is KillerPay available?

As early as January 2023 is the target date for Killer Pay.

Will I be able to use any other crypto with KillerWallet?

Yes, you will be able to use several popular top coins like Shiba, ETH, BNB, kBUSD, kUSDC, and more.