Your Crypto Payment Solution


KillerWallet was built for convenience, allowing users to accumulate, send, and receive a multitude of cryptocurrencies from their smartphone.


KillerPay is innovative software that handles payments between businesses, processing companies, and private coin wallets. 


KillerExchange is an unique platform designed for Merchants that require a large number of customizations. 


What is KillerPay?

KillerPay is simply the best and most secure system for merchant payment processing. 

KillerPay is innovative software that handles crypto payments between businesses and private coin wallets. KillerPay enables buyers to purchase goods and services using a multitude of digital assets, allowing them to enjoy extremely low transaction rates with a “cash back” mechanism for our partner token $KILLER and under 1% for Merchants using most of the  token listed on KillerPay.

KillerPay’s system can be used almost anywhere, but has unique operational advantages for both customers and merchants in the hospitality sector and luxury retail brands.  Merchants will have an option to convert their crypto payments immediately into their native currency, such as USD, instantaneously at the time of transaction.

Real Benefit

Why KillerPay?
  • Immediate access to digital assets to purchase goods and services
  • No withdrawal fees or delay times in transferring funds
  • “Crypto-back” rewards system
  • Anonymity
  • Lowest processing fees on the market, under 1%
  • Eliminate chargeback transactions
  • Nearly instantaneous transaction speed
  • Expand customer base by accepting various forms of cryptocurrency
  • Immediate crypto to fiat conversion option